Weekend Favorites

We had a bitter cold weekend here in Omaha. I’m so over Winter! We haven’t really been doing much because of the cold. However, I do have a few favorites from the weekend.

More thrifting! Hudson actually wanted to go look for new books. We’ve found some great books at the Goodwill and this time we ended up with 8 new books and 6 of them look like they’ve never been read. But the best score was this awesome pot I found! I’ll definitely be planting something in it. The photos don’t do the color justice. It’s really pretty in real life.

Thrifting for the win!

photo (23) photo (24)

Family lunch. This is my last fast food meal before I give it up for Lent. I love this shot. So real.photo (25)

Breaking Bad. We finished watching the show on Friday night. Oh my gosh was it good! I couldn’t stop thinking about it all weekend. Brilliant! Totally brilliant.episode-1-walt-jesse

image source

The Oscars. I love watching and seeing all the dresses and I’m totally into movies. All movies. Last night Cate Blanchett wore my favorite dress. I absolutely love it. There were so many good dresses last night though, so it was hard to choose just one.

favorite dress

image source

So there you have it. A few of my favorites from the freezing cold don’t even wanna leave the house weekend.

See you tomorrow!


Weekend Favorites

I’m starting a new series today called Weekend Favorites where I’ll be posting about favorite things from the weekend on Monday mornings. It might be thrifting finds, photos I took, things we did, recipes, etc. I think this will be a great way to celebrate all the little things. It’s usually the little things that are magic.

Here are this weekends favorite things.

Sunday’s thrifting find. I love the mustard color and think I might plant a succulent in it. How cute would that be?! It was only $3, which makes it even better in my book!DSC_0454DSC_0457DSC_0459


Donkey Tail plant. On a run to Home Depot for some more terra-cotta pots, I picked up this awesome plant. I’ve wanted one for a long time. Now I can check it off my list. Hopefully I can keep it alive…DSC_0434DSC_0436DSC_0439DSC_0441


Photos of the kids. Love how excited they get about little things like heart-shaped lollipops on Valentine’s Day. photo (17)


Learning games on Sunday morning while I made breakfast.DSC_0432

And last, but not least, flowers from Jeremy on Valentine’s Day. I don’t get flowers often, so this was a nice surprise! Oh and there was wine too. I love having fresh flowers in the house. Especially this time of year when everything outside is so brown.DSC_0466

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!  

Adventures in Thrifting

I have always loved discovering little treasures at thrift stores, Goodwills, and even garage sales, but I’m not really good at visiting those places on a regular basis, especially garage sales. However, I’ve recently been totally inspired by Elise’s thrift store finds that she’s shared over on her blog http://eliseblaha.typepad.com, especially the awesome coffee mugs and dresser she found.

I’m also totally loving Manda’s mug collection at http://www.mandatownsend.com, and I love the way she has them displayed in her kitchen. So awesome! All my mugs are totally boring.

And because I’ve been so inspired, I decided to hit a couple of Goodwills this past weekend. We had to drop a big box of stuff off anyway, so why not. I was mainly looking for mid-century furniture, a coffee mug or two and some books for the kids.

Well, I ended up finding this little gem!

photo (8)


I love it! It makes me happy. I have no idea how old it is, but I’m digging the vintage feel.

We also found some good books for the kiddos, but no furniture.

I think this weekend I might have to check out a few thrift stores around town. I’m hooked after finding just one mug! Uh Oh. Maybe I can wrangle up a friend or two to join in the fun! (Liz, where are you when I need you?!?!)