Hudson Turned 5

It’s hard to believe that my once 5.8 pound baby boy is now a 37 pound five-year-old. When I was growing up my parents always talked about how quickly the time flies by once you have kids of your own. That is something that no one can truly understand until they have children of their own. It definitely flies by.

When I look back at photos from Hudson’s first week or first year, it seems like only a week ago. But on the same hand, when I think about the hard times with him, tantrums galore, that part seems so long ago. He’s growing up and growing into a smart, sweet boy. Now that he’s five, I can no longer refer to him as a toddler. He is officially a “big kid”. I both love and hate it. Four was a good age on him, so I’m sure five will be even better, but I can’t help wish that time could stand still for just a little while. I love all the new things that come with each new age, but sometimes it’s just a little hard to let go of some of the old stuff.

Right now, he still loves to cuddle at bedtime and will still give us hugs and kisses when we drop him off at school. I try to really soak it all up, because I know that that won’t always be the case. Before I know it, he’ll be embarrassed by mom and dad and running off with his friends.

Watching someone grow from a tiny newborn to a person is intense and amazing. There are so many emotions that are experienced along the way that it’s hard to put it into words. But if there is one word that sums up what I feel when I look at my five-year-old other than love is proud. I couldn’t be more proud of my little guy. He’s an awesome kid and I look forward to all the years ahead!

Happy 5th Birthday Hudson! I love you tons and tons.



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