My Garden Wrap-Up

Now that my adventure in gardening is winding down this year, I thought I would look back on the things I did that worked and the things I plan to do the next time.


What Worked:

I think the basil grew really well and thrived in the pot we used, so if I were to use containers again next year, I would use the same pot.

What Didn’t Work (or what I would do differently next time):

We really love basil pesto, and two basil plants weren’t quite enough. Since I had never grown basil before, I wasn’t sure how much we would get from each plant. Although we did end up with four containers of frozen pesto to use this winter, I would really love to have more on hand. So, I plan to buy at least four basil plants next season.

IMG_8362 IMG_8876




What Worked:

I think watering my tomato plant with the hard-boiled egg water worked really well. I think it made all the difference with the tomato growth. One day I didn’t have any tomatoes growing and then I watered them with the egg water and a few days later I had tiny tomatoes!

What Didn’t Work (or what I would do differently next time):

The pot for my tomato plant was way too small. Not only did it hinder the growth of the tomatoes, but it was also too light and tipped over easily whenever it was even a little windy. I didn’t really have any idea just how big tomato plants grew. It was much taller than I had envisioned. If I don’t end up building a raised bed next year, I will be sure to buy much bigger pots.

I would like to be able to can salsa and maybe some tomato sauce next year, so I plan to plant at least two more tomato plants next season. And hopefully with bigger pots and more plants, I will end up with a ton of tomatoes.

I also plan to add egg shells to the soil before planting my tomatoes next year. I hear it’s a great way to add a ton of nutrients to the soil, which can only help the growth.

IMG_8923 IMG_8920


All in all, I was happy with my first go round with gardening. I was thrilled to see my basil thrive and produce a good amount. I am slightly disappointed with my tomato plant, but I feel I now know what to do in order to grow more tomatoes in the future. I must admit that it did feel great to come away from the season with at least one tiny red tomato after spending so much time fussing over the darn thing! Ha! I can only imagine how awesome it will be to too many tomatoes!

And although container gardening was fun and rewarding with very little effort, I would really like to have a small raised bed next year, but we’ll see how I feel about it in the spring.

See you tomorrow!



The Garden

Well, summer is winding down here in Nebraska and my garden seems to be too. I plan to harvest my basil this afternoon and I think it will be the final harvest. It’s definitely not growing as quickly now that the temps have cooled off at night.IMG_8725IMG_8726

As for my tomatoes, there are seven on the plant, but I’m not sure that any will actually ripen. We had a couple of week of pretty strong wind that kept blowing my pot over (even after I leaned it up against the table!) and it ended up damaging five of my bigger tomatoes. Whomp. Whomp. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to get at least one. If I got one, it would feel like quite the accomplishment considering I’ve never them before.IMG_8722IMG_8723IMG_8724


Happy Monday! I’m off to (hopefully) finish my big project!

My Garden This Week

Last Friday I shared an Instagram photo of my first tomato that popped out last week. I was so excited, but became even more excited when I discovered that there were six more babies growing! Even though I didn’t really do much work in order to grow these tomatoes, I still feel a sense of accomplishment with every new baby I see growing. I think I’ve truly discovered the magic of gardening and why so many people love it so much.

Here are a few photos of my garden this week.

My basil is really starting to fill in after my big harvest a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to get at least one more big harvest, maybe (7)


I found this adorable little gnome at a store up in Sioux Falls last weekend. He was on clearance for $3.40. I’d been looking for a small one like this, but didn’t have any luck until now. Isn’t he cute?! It’s the little (8)


photo (10)


photo (12)


photo (11)


It’s been crazy windy here the past three days and it knocked over my tomato plant and damaged one of them. I’m so sad. Poor (9)


The tomatoes are growing rapidly and I seem to find new ones everyday. It amazes me how fast they grow! I’m still continuing to water with my hard boiled egg water, which is easy for me because I eat them every morning. I think I might add some new soil to my pots this weekend. I’d like to keep my little garden thriving for as long as possible.

See you tomorrow!



I Did It!!

The other day I walked out to check on my tomato plant and saw this! Hooray!



I finally have some teeny tiny tomatoes growing! I am so excited. My husband said he would’ve thought we won the lottery by my reaction. Ha! I felt like I did!

I think they started to grow because I watered them with the water leftover from boiling my eggs in the morning. I read somewhere that the egg water full of calcium which is great for your garden, so I let it cool and gave it a try. I think I did it twice and a week later I had a tomato. Or, maybe they just finally decided to grow. I don’t know. I do know, however, that I plan to keep watering them with the egg water.

I am one happy newbie gardener!

Have a great weekend!

Garden Update

I know it may sound kind of silly, but I’m totally loving having my teeny, tiny garden this summer. I can’t believe how much joy something so small has brought me. I still find it exciting to go out every morning to see how much bigger the basil is after a harvest and if there are any signs of a tomato yet (there aren’t).

I’ve been seriously pondering and pinning how to build a raised garden and where I want to put it next summer and what I want to plant. I guess it will give me something to look forward to over the looong winter.

I’ve been tracking my garden’s growth through photos and as previously mentioned, plan to start a garden journal soon. I think I’ll be able to fill it in by looking back at the photos and documenting what I see according to the photo dates, not that it’ll be all that hard with just the two plants. I wish I would’ve started it at the beginning like I had planned, but I think I can still make it work. Although there won’t be much to report this season, I plan to add all of my future adventures with gardening to the same journal.

I have a ton of photos of my tiny garden (probably way too many for the average person) and I’m not sure what I want to do with them yet. I’ve considered just doing a spread in my Project Life album at the end of the season maybe using a coin pocket page or I might put together a 7×7 Blurb book. I saw the Blurb book idea here when Elise Blaha Cripe made one last summer and I love the idea. And actually, it could work as my journal too, although then I would have to print a garden book every summer. Would that be too much?!  Ha ha!

No matter which way I decide to document my little garden adventure, the point is, growing vegetables/herbs/plants is fun, spiritually rewarding and of course super awesome because you get to eat what you grew.

Oh how I love finding new hobbies to obsess over.

2013-07-25 08.42.13

2013-07-29 11.23.18 2013-07-29 11.23.39

2013-07-25 08.55.51

2013-07-25 08.57.42

2013-07-25 08.59.02

2013-07-25 09.10.22

Our basil is delicious! I’m waiting for it to fill out and then I plan to harvest enough for some pesto this time. I’m not sure what I’ll use the pesto on yet, but I’m sure I’ll post about it.

I hope I’m not turning into a crazy plant lady…or maybe I do  secretly want to be a crazy plant lady. Only time will tell. I guess it’s all good as long as a don’t turn into a crazy cat lady. Especially because I’m deathly allergic to cats.

Happy Monday!

P.S. One of my favorite blogs that I love to read that discusses gardening can be found at She has an amazing garden. So inspiring! She even invites her readers to share about their own gardens. No, I do not share mine. People would laugh.

The Garden’s Growth

It’s going to be really, really hot today. Temps are supposed to be in the upper 90’s, but feeling like it’s over 100! And the humidity is awful and practically suffocating. I spent the morning outside with the kids doing a little yard work while they played in the water table, but this afternoon, I plan on staying indoors and doing some sort of project with them.

I love summer, but I’m not all that fond of the humidity. Blah.

I’ve been taking weekly photos of my little container garden in hopes of keeping a simple journal to reference in the future and maybe even to look back on one day and smile about my simple beginnings because by then I’ll have a large garden.

I was looking back at the first photos I took and can’t believe how much it has grown! I’m proud that I’ve managed to keep it alive and thriving. I’m still wishing I had planted one more basil plant. I don’t know what I was thinking only planting two.

Here are the first photos I took.

IMG_6810 IMG_6811


IMG_6843 IMG_7027

I had my basil in the house for a bit before potting it and it managed to grow a bit.



My basil was so tiny! And actually so was the tomato plant! I guess that’s why I thought that pot would be sufficient enough, but I definitely think I needed a bigger one.

Here is my garden as of last weekend.

2013-07-09 19.29.26

**I must really like those sweatpants! I have the same ones on in both photos!**

The tomato plant has almost grown to the top of the cage, but no signs of a tomato. I’ve heard that some people swear by MiracleGro on their tomato plants. I think I may try that this weekend. I might also try switching the pot. I bet they’re all on sale now.

I’ve already harvested a small amount of basil so that the new leaves would keep growing, but it’s time for another harvest. It’s actually even bigger now than when I took this photo. It’s looking really good and I’ve been making sure to pick the flowers.

2013-07-09 19.29.47 2013-07-09 19.30.11

The little lady was helping me water. She loves watering the plants.

2013-07-13 16.35.48 2013-07-13 16.36.38


I’m really happy with the growth of both, but am still hoping for at least a couple of tomatoes. If you have any tips, I’m all ears!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

First Basil Harvest

Last week I harvested my basil for the first time. It was very exciting for me! I read that in order to keep your plant thriving you need to harvest the big leaves to that the new, smaller leaves underneath can get sun and grow, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t a big harvest, but a necessary harvest. It didn’t matter to me a though. I was just excited to be “gardening”.

We didn’t end up using the basil (whomp, whomp) because we went out-of-town, but I’m really looking forward to the second harvest so we can add it to pizza or pasta. I’ve been looking for some new recipes that call for fresh basil.

2013-07-02 07.27.19 2013-07-02 07.28.49


I probably could have taken even more than I did, but I’m new at this and have no clue what I’m doing! Help please?!

In other news, I’m not sure if I’ll get any tomatoes from my plant or not. It’s had a few small, yellow flowers, but it doesn’t appear that the flowers are turning into tomatoes. But I’m keeping a positive attitude in hopes that I’ll have some by August. Fingers crossed.

2013-07-02 07.27.35 2013-07-02 07.27.42


It’s grown so much since I planted it! It’s even grown a lot since I took these photos.

2013-07-01 09.41.36


I’m loving this view out my kitchen window. And I love going out in the mornings to check on our little garden. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a huge garden. Oh the possibilities of someday!

Does anyone know of a good gardening blog? If so, I would love to hear about them, and be able to read more about it and see the progress of other people’s gardens.

See you tomorrow!


In The Beginning

I’m already so happy to be growing a tiny garden in our backyard. There’s something about growing my own food, albeit not very much food, that feels really healthy and satisfying. I like the idea of it so much that I’m sure that when I have a yard that can accommodate a big garden, it will become my new hobby.

I really want to get another tomato plant. Is it too late? I need to read a gardening book. Can anyone suggest a good one?!


I finally got our basil potted this past weekend. My father-in-law said it looked like good, healthy basil, which makes me so happy. He and my mother-in-law have a big garden and they grow basil, so I’ll take his word for it.IMG_7027

Right after I took this photo I gave the basil some water and it perked right up.IMG_7029

Is this pot too small for this tomato plant? We weren’t sure when we bought it. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but now it looks like it might be.IMG_7030


Is it weird that I want to sit on my deck with an iced tea and stare at my plants? Yes? Ok.

Growing A Little Garden

I mentioned earlier that I planned to grow a tiny garden this summer. This is my first time ever growing anything edible. We grew carving pumpkins a couple of years ago and I was obsessed with them. I loved it, and would love to grow them again sometime.

This year I decided to grow some tomatoes and basil, but am also thinking about adding another herb; whatever my husband chooses. He loves cilantro and I…don’t, but I told him he should grow some anyway.

I picked up a Bush tomato plant at Home Depot. I chose this particular variety because it said that it’s good for container gardening, which is what I’m starting out doing. I think I’ll pick up another variety at the farmer’s market this weekend. One tomato plant just doesn’t seem like enough. I want a lot of tomatoes. I would love to make salsa and maybe even can some tomato sauce at some point.

I also bought two basil plants at the farmer’s market this past weekend. I’m so excited! We love pesto. And I think we’ll get Jeremy a cilantro plant this weekend. I haven’t bought a container to plant them it yet, so I need to get on that asap.

I’ve been reading some on how to harvest basil, because I’ve never harvested anything before. I can already tell that the first harvest will be totally thrilling. I’ve never been so excited to eat anything the way I’m excited to eat my own tomatoes and basil. Is that weird?!

I’m only just beginning my adventure in gardening, yet I’m already mentally planning for the raised beds that I want to build next summer. But, first things first, I need to see how I do with these little containers.

We love the farmer’s market. We try to go as often as possible as soon as the season starts. We also love eating locally and man does the fresh food taste so much better than store-bought!

photo3 photo1 photo2

I bought myself one of these succulents. I’m trying to slowly add more green to our house.


And here is my tomato plant. Question: Do I have it in a big enough pot? Remember, this is my first time, so I’m full of question and open to suggestions.


And this one shows my cute little basil plants. I can’t wait to get them in their containers so they can grow, grow, grow.


**I realize these photos aren’t the greatest, but I snapped them in the midst of all my excitement! I promise to take better photos of my little garden in the future.**

I’ll be keeping a little gardening journal both here on the blog and I’m planning to create a little notebook. Hopefully, that will help me keep track of all that I learn and will be beneficial in planting future gardens.

So, I’ll be adding garden posts documenting my experiences about once a month or so, so if that’s not your thing, I guess you can skip over it!

Here’s to hoping I can develop a green thumb!