Weekend Favorites

I’m starting a new series today called Weekend Favorites where I’ll be posting about favorite things from the weekend on Monday mornings. It might be thrifting finds, photos I took, things we did, recipes, etc. I think this will be a great way to celebrate all the little things. It’s usually the little things that are magic.

Here are this weekends favorite things.

Sunday’s thrifting find. I love the mustard color and think I might plant a succulent in it. How cute would that be?! It was only $3, which makes it even better in my book!DSC_0454DSC_0457DSC_0459


Donkey Tail plant. On a run to Home Depot for some more terra-cotta pots, I picked up this awesome plant. I’ve wanted one for a long time. Now I can check it off my list. Hopefully I can keep it alive…DSC_0434DSC_0436DSC_0439DSC_0441


Photos of the kids. Love how excited they get about little things like heart-shaped lollipops on Valentine’s Day. photo (17)


Learning games on Sunday morning while I made breakfast.DSC_0432

And last, but not least, flowers from Jeremy on Valentine’s Day. I don’t get flowers often, so this was a nice surprise! Oh and there was wine too. I love having fresh flowers in the house. Especially this time of year when everything outside is so brown.DSC_0466

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!  


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