All About Them: Spring Fairy Hunt

A Spring Fairy Hunt was one of the activities on our Spring Bucket List. It is an idea I came up with one day while trying to come up with fun things the kids could do outside once it was nice out. I see a lot of great ideas for scavenger hunts online, but my kids can’t read quite yet, so I wanted to come up with a hunt that would work for them without my help. One day I was looking at some of Harper’s art supplies and found some cute fairy stickers that I bought at The Dollar Tree and the idea was born. I went back to the dollar store to see if I could find some new fairy stickers. I found the perfect ones, took them home and attached them to popsicle sticks.

I was planning on waiting until the yard bloomed and we planted flowers before we did the hunt since that’s more “fairy-like”, but since this week is Hudson’s spring break, I thought it would be a fun activity for them. I was right. They loved it. They had so much fun that we had to do it five more times and then Hudson wanted to hide them for me to hunt! They even wanted to do it again in the house, which we did about 20 more times. Hooray for a successful idea!

Here’s a look at the fairies and the hunt.

DSC_0601 copy DSC_0592 copy DSC_0594 copy

DSC_0604 copy

photo (29) photo (30) photo (31)

DSC_0609 DSC_0612 DSC_0613 DSC_0616 DSC_0617 DSC_0620

Like I said, the kids loved this and we’ll for sure be doing it again. I’d like to figure out a fun summer themed hunt to add to our Summer Bucket List.

Another activity crossed off our list. On to the next!


All About Them: St. Patty’s Day Necklaces

I was looking through some really old scrapbooking supplies yesterday and came across some shamrock stickers and foam shamrocks. I thought maybe I could figure out a way to use them in a craft for the kiddos. Then it hit me; rainbow washi tape necklaces for St. Patrick’s Day.


Supply List

washi tape

Project Life grid card or white cardstock

clover stickers

3″ scallop punch

hole punch


double-sided tape

I cut my washi tape in half so it was thinner and then just placed it in rainbow order on some white cardstock. I made two rows of each color. Then I used my scallop punch and made sure to get as much of each rainbow color that I could when I punched it out. I used a roll of washi tape to trace two circles on a 3×4 Project Life grid card, cut it out with my scissors and then placed the shamrock in the center. After that I attached it to the center of the scallop with a piece of double-sided tape. To make it into a necklace, I punched two small holes at the top and laced a piece of white yarn through them.

I think they turned out so cute that I might make them for Hudson’s preschool class!



There are so many possibilities when making these. You could use all green washi tape, different shades of green, different shaped punches, etc. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll tell you about the other version I made.

Next I whipped up some super simple shamrock badges using  a piece of old scrapbook paper, cardstock and some foam shamrock stickers.

I punched out the scallop, added a green cardstock circle with a foam shamrock centered on top and then stapled them all together through the center. Even though the foam shamrocks are stickers, I liked the look of the staple for some reason. Then I used a hole punch for the top and put a safety-pin through it. I think these would be cute for older kids since I used a safety-pin or you could always make these into necklaces as well with some yarn.



These crafts were a fun way to use up some old supplies. I did notice that they have some of the glittery foam shamrocks at the Dollar Tree again this year. I’ll think I’ll head over there today to get another package so I can make them for the preschoolers.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!

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All About Them: Washi Tape Binoculars


I wanted to share this kids craft that I posted about on my old blog a while back It was a big hit with my kiddos. It’s a great craft for kids to do themselves or you can make it for them. Either way, they will love them, especially with Spring just around the corner when they’ll be spending more time outdoors again.

Washi Tape Binoculars


2 cardboard tubes-I used toilet paper rolls, but you could also cut a paper towel roll in half

washi tape-I used 4 different patterns

stapler or hot glue gun

hole punch or scissors

ribbon, string, baker’s twine, etc. for the strap


The first step is to decorate your rolls with washi tape. This is the fun part! You can make them look however you want! I used scissors to cut the tape so that my lines would be straight, but you can definitely just tear it.

Step two is attaching the two rolls together. I used a stapler and attached them together where the washi tape seams came together. I didn’t really want to get out my glue gun, so I convinced myself that the staples would hold better anyway, and it actually worked out great! *note* If you’re worried about the staples not being safe for your kiddos, then you can attach them together with glue or even tape. This was not an issue with Hudson’s binoculars, but I made some for Harper too (so that she wouldn’t constantly be trying to steal Hudson’s) and I made sure to press the sharp ends tight to the cardboard and then covered them with pieces of washi tape.
Once the rolls are attached, the final step is  to make a hole on each side of the binoculars (either with a hole punch or scissors) where you want the string for the strap to be.Then chose a ribbon or string, whatever you have lying around, string the ends through the holes and double knot.
You now have an awesome pair of washi tape binoculars!!
Okay, now go make your kids, or yourself some cute binoculars!

All About Them: Washi Tape Mummies

Today I want to share a cute, and very simple little craft that the kids and I did yesterday.

Washi Tape Mummies

photo (14)


I came across the idea here on Pinterest, but wanted to add my own spin. The original idea called for masking tape to wrap the mummies, but I thought it would be cute to use washi tape in Halloween colors instead. Plus, my kids love washi tape!

To make these cute little guys, I simply cut a person/gingerbread man shape out of white cardstock, and then I grabbed some googly eyes and my washi tape. The kids were able to decorate the mummies without much assistance. They loved this project. So did I. It couldn’t be easier and you’re left with a cute little keepsake that you can pack away with your Halloween decoration and pull out every year. They could even be made into magnets or framed!

Harper’s Mummyphoto (15)

Hudson’s Mummyphoto (17)

photo (16)

I think I might end up framing them when the kids are tired of playing with them.

If you make your own washi tape mummies, I would love to see them!

See you tomorrow!

All About Them-Water Blob

Since I have two little kiddos and I’m a stay-at-home mom, I decided to incorporate some of the activities that the kids and I do together into the blog. Most of these ideas will more often than not be pins from my  Hudson & Harper Pinterest board.  Sidenote: If you are interested in following any of my Pinterest boards, you can find me under Tashia Doyle or tjdoyle811.

Anyway, I love finding activities to keep the kids entertained. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Last summer I came across what I thought looked like the most awesome activity ever! It’s called a water blob and it’s all over Pinterest now. I put it on our fun list last year, but we never got around to it. I knew it would be a must-do on our list this summer, so we bought the supplies and did it this past weekend while up at my parents house. The kids seriously loved it so much. They were having so much fun that it was almost as much fun just to watch them.

Like I said, I found the idea on Pinterest, but the post can be found here. I also checked out a few other blogs on the topic. If you’re interested, just type water blob into the search box on Pinterest.



We used a 3.5 Mil roll of plastic sheeting and a  roll of duct tape. We also added blue food coloring which didn’t last long in the hot sun. The total cost for the blob was around $15.00. The plastic sheeting was $9.99 and we bought a new roll of duct tape because ours was old and gross, so that cost $6.99. We still have some leftover.

The water blob lasted all day and only seeped water slightly at the seams in between the strips of tape, but it wasn’t enough to notice a difference. Jeremy even put three strips along every edge.

We sprayed water on the top so the kids could slide and splash around. They were both running and bouncing on it and it stayed in tact. The only tear it got was when Jeremy tried moving it after he started filling it with water, so don’t do that! He was able to fix it with duct tape though.

I would recommend this to everyone to try at least once. I know it’s something we’ll do over and over. It was totally worth the money!

DSC_0099 DSC_0105


This is my favorite shot! I caught her in the air!

DSC_0112 DSC_0121 DSC_0128 DSC_0155


Here’s an aerial view. I think the size ended up being 12.5×10 after folding it in half to tape it. It seemed like the perfect size for the two kids. We gave the them soft toys to play with on it. Nothing that was hard or had pointy edges. But they mostly jumped, rolled and chased the giant air bubbles trapped inside.



Jeremy and I even got in on the fun, sort of. We walked and sat on it…if that constitutes as fun.


2013-07-06 16.32.30-2

Totally. Love. This. And these two cutie pies.

2013-07-06 16.45.02



After this, we were able to cross two big activities off of our Summer Family Fun List; visiting Grandma and Grandpa and the Water Blob. What an awesome weekend we had!