One Little Word-February


I am trying to use my word, choose, as a personal guide throughout 2014 and the month of February it has worked out really well.

I have been determined to get moving, and by moving I mean running on a regular basis. Well, I’m finally really doing it. But I’m doing it on my terms and because I genuinely want to be more healthy. I know I talked about running in January too, but this month I actually got serious about it.

I’ve been choosing to go get on the treadmill everyday instead of doing other things. I visualize my word and myself running and it motivates me to put on my running clothes and get my butt on the treadmill. No excuses. I can choose to do laundry, vacuum or just sit OR I can choose exercise and choose myself first and get to those other things later. They can wait. Sure some days I just don’t feel like running, but I ask myself if there is a good reason or if I’m just being lazy. If there’s a good reason, I don’t run, but if it’s just laziness, then I make myself do it. I make sure to listen to my body and if for some reason it says I need a break, I take a break.

I’m feeling really good! I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and know that I can do even more; push a little harder. I can feel it getting easier and feel myself getting stronger. My plan is just to keep at it until it becomes my everyday lifestyle.

Next on the agenda is healthy eating. The focus for March is working toward eating more whole foods and NO fast food at all (I don’t eat much anyway, but it’s done). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Did you choose a word for the year? How is it working for you?


One Little Word-January

As January wraps up tomorrow I wanted to reflect on my word, choose, and how I lived with it this month.


First, I have to say that my word has been a great guide already. I notice it popping into my head often. Awesome.

As I mentioned in this post, my first goal was to put down my phone. I’m still working on it. It’s a very hard habit to break, and embarrassing to admit, but that’s what this is all about. It’s about being real and honest with yourself. And if I’m going to be real, I’m still catching myself grabbing my phone all too often. I have been more aware of my tendency to reach for it, so I’ve had opportunities to choose to put it down and focus on more important things. I just need to keep choosing until not reaching for my phone becomes the norm.

This month I also chose to become more active by running on a regular basis. I chose to get back into the habit and it’s feeling really amazing! I’ve been on the treadmill at least four times a week and I’m starting to feel the habit forming. I don’t always love putting on my running clothes and making the (very) short trek downstairs (pathetic I know), but I absolutely love the way I feel when I complete my run. I’ve discovered this time around that I’m more of a tv watching runner, meaning that I run better when I’m watching Netflix on my phone. I always thought I was a music runner. But I’ve been watching old Walking Dead episodes and I don’t know if it’s how strong all the characters are or what, but it’s working for me. It takes my mind off what I’m doing, but it also pumps me up when I need it and I’ve been breezing through my runs thus far. I’m using the 10k training app that I mentioned here and I’m on week 4. I chose to run a few of the days twice when I didn’t feel ready to advance. I’m choosing to listen to my body and not my mind that’s always screaming push harder even if I’m not ready.

January was good. Really good. My word is really shining so far. I’m very satisfied with my progress and I’m really excited about what the rest of 2014 has in store for me.

One Little Word: Choose



I mentioned in a previous post that my One Little Word for 2014 is Choose.

There are so many reasons that I picked this word.

I don’t always make the right/best choices. There I said it. That’s right. More times than I care to admit, I choose to check my phone, surf the web, yell at my kids instead of being calm, not exercise, eat poorly, overreact, etc.

Today though I’m specifically talking about Choosing to put down the iPhone.

This year I want things to be different. I’m so over having my iPhone right there all. the. time. I hate how it seems to control me. At this point, I don’t even realize that I’m picking it up every free moment I have. DUMB. I am choosing to put my phone up on a shelf in my living room and only check it a few times a day. I’ve already stopped checking FB, but now I need to stop checking my email and Instagram. It will still be there when I check it later.

Instead of checking my phone…

I want to read. I want to read books or magazines; anything not on my phone or computer.

I want to work on projects around my house or personal projects like Project Life, which I’m seriously behind on.

I want to play with my kids.

I want to learn something new.

Once the weather is nice, I want to sit outside and just be. Be in the momentt.

I realize that when I check my phone, I don’t usually spend more than 5-10 minutes looking at things. Most of the time it’s even less than that, but sometimes it more. But if I’m doing that a bunch of times throughout my day, it adds up. I want to have something to show for that time.

On the days where I’m really busy and consumed with jobs around the house, I forget about my phone for a couple of hours at a time and it’s awesome! I want that every day.

So, my first intention for my word is to CHOOSE to put down the phone and to do something better (for me) with my time. I’m choosing to live more in the moment. Live more in the little quiet moments.


One Little Word 2014

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For the past two years I have followed along with Ali Edwards class/workshop called One Little Word. The idea of the class/workshop is that you choose (or your word chooses you) one word to focus on in the upcoming year and then live with that word for the year instead of setting New Years resolutions.

The first year I chose Nourish as my word and it was amazing how much it worked for me and shaped me that year.

Last year I chose Open as my word and found that about three months into the year that I wasn’t connecting with my word. It just didn’t fit with my life, but I still tried to focus on it when it applied. I was open to 2013 being a good year and man was it good!

This year I chose the word Choose. There are so many reasons I chose this word…well actually, I think it chose me.

I want to make choices that enrich my life on a daily basis in both big and small ways. I want to choose happy, choose patience, choose peace, choose health, choose me.

I’m thrilled to start a new year and to focus on Choose as I welcome all the possibilities that are ahead of me.

If you would like learn more about One Little Word, visit Ali Edwards website by clicking here.

I highly recommend this class. You won’t be sorry!

P.S. Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. We were out of town for the holidays and then came home to a broken router. But we bought a new one and got everything all set up. Yay! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

One Little Word 2013

Just like I did last year, I’m taking Ali Edwards One Little Word class through Big Picture Classes. I loved, loved, loved the class last year. I got so much out of it by the end of the year. It really seemed to guide me in a positive direction, which felt so good.

If you haven’t heard about the class before, it’s basically a way to set some monthly goals for yourself based on one word instead of coming up with a New Year’s resolution or resolution(s) that you don’t end up keeping even through the month of December, let alone the entire year. I highly recommend it!

Last year my word was nourish. It was perfect! I focused on my mind, body and soul all year long. I started a regular exercise routine. I made better food choices. I started to learn meditation. I made time for myself. I could go on and on. I tried my best to keep my word in the front of my mind as much as possible. I completed the album and was so satisfied with the outcome. Although making a book is part of the class, I definitely think you could take part and not create a book. Keeping a journal would be just as gratifying.

This year I picked open as my word. I want to be open to new possibilities and to have an open mind and an open heart. I want this to be my best year yet because I’m open to anything! I started my book with the January prompt, but haven’t yet. When I do, I’ll be sure to update my post.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Big Picture Classes website here.

It’s not too late to start, and it’s a great way to do something positive for yourself.