Adventures in Thrifting

I have always loved discovering little treasures at thrift stores, Goodwills, and even garage sales, but I’m not really good at visiting those places on a regular basis, especially garage sales. However, I’ve recently been totally inspired by Elise’s thrift store finds that she’s shared over on her blog, especially the awesome coffee mugs and dresser she found.

I’m also totally loving Manda’s mug collection at, and I love the way she has them displayed in her kitchen. So awesome! All my mugs are totally boring.

And because I’ve been so inspired, I decided to hit a couple of Goodwills this past weekend. We had to drop a big box of stuff off anyway, so why not. I was mainly looking for mid-century furniture, a coffee mug or two and some books for the kids.

Well, I ended up finding this little gem!

photo (8)


I love it! It makes me happy. I have no idea how old it is, but I’m digging the vintage feel.

We also found some good books for the kiddos, but no furniture.

I think this weekend I might have to check out a few thrift stores around town. I’m hooked after finding just one mug! Uh Oh. Maybe I can wrangle up a friend or two to join in the fun! (Liz, where are you when I need you?!?!)



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