All About Them: Washi Tape Mummies

Today I want to share a cute, and very simple little craft that the kids and I did yesterday.

Washi Tape Mummies

photo (14)


I came across the idea here on Pinterest, but wanted to add my own spin. The original idea called for masking tape to wrap the mummies, but I thought it would be cute to use washi tape in Halloween colors instead. Plus, my kids love washi tape!

To make these cute little guys, I simply cut a person/gingerbread man shape out of white cardstock, and then I grabbed some googly eyes and my washi tape. The kids were able to decorate the mummies without much assistance. They loved this project. So did I. It couldn’t be easier and you’re left with a cute little keepsake that you can pack away with your Halloween decoration and pull out every year. They could even be made into magnets or framed!

Harper’s Mummyphoto (15)

Hudson’s Mummyphoto (17)

photo (16)

I think I might end up framing them when the kids are tired of playing with them.

If you make your own washi tape mummies, I would love to see them!

See you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “All About Them: Washi Tape Mummies

      • I would love to show you! I’ll leave a message & your link on m post … Maybe Monday I’ll have time to post our Halloween craft round up! I’m not a DIY blogger yet, but I am Learning A TON!! thank you so much for being an inspiration!

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