Ten Projects-Project #2

photo (19)

I fell in love with this project from http://www.ellaclaireinspired.com after a friend sent me the pin on Pinterest.


You can find the original by clicking here.

As you already know, I love, love, love fall and this sign sums it up perfectly. After I pinned it to my holiday inspiration board, I quickly went to check out the website and discovered that she posted a template for the words! So awesome!

This is my version of her project. I pretty much duplicated what she had done. I mean, it’s so cute how could I possibly make it any better?! I used my own colors of course and mine isn’t nearly as fancy or as cute, but I’m super satisfied with the outcome! Plus, it turned out to be completely free. I used an old junkie piece of plywood and paint that I had on hand.

I haven’t decided on a place to display it yet, hence the photos taken out in the leaves. But as soon as our living room is pulled back together after the painting is completed, I’m sure I’ll find just the right spot!

photo (18)

photo (19) photo (20)

photo (18)-001

Project #2 is complete. I’m still working on the other project and have another planned for this weekend. Yay! I love handmade projects!


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