Weekend Favorites

This weekend was all about the new swing set. My parents bought our kids their very first swing set and the kids are in love. We just got a simple metal set (that doesn’t take up much space) instead of one of those over-priced wooden ones. It’s not really aesthetically pleasing, but it serves a much more important purpose and that is to entertain our kiddos and make them happy.

Jeremy put it together on Saturday and the kiddos could hardly stand the wait. I bet they asked a thousand times when he would be done.

Then Sunday was all about enjoying it. And man did they enjoy it! Harper absolutely loves the swing and Hudson loves climbing up the slide and going back down. They were out there all day. It was so much fun to watch! Best ever.

DSC_0572 DSC_0575 DSC_0577

DSC_0582 copy

DSC_0618(I had to put a blanket down because there’s lots of dirt at the end of the slide. We’re trying to figure out what we want to put there permanently.)


I got this great shot of Harper running.DSC_0608 copy



I had a Girl’s Night on Saturday which is really rare these days and it was so much fun catching up with my very best friend. There was lots of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls chatting, good food and good beer.photo (27)

It was a great weekend. I’m so happy Spring has decided to arrive and stick around this time! Being outside and just spending time together is the best.


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