My Birthday Weekend

This past weekend I celebrated my 34th birthday. It was a fantastic weekend filled with all of my favorite things. Mother Nature really came through too and provided some pretty great weather for the occasion!

I thought today I would share a few snippets from the weekend.

On Saturday we went to Home Depot to get some paint and I ended up buying a few succulents to finally plant in the pots I’ve thrifted. This photo cracks me up! I don’t know what they were looking at, but their expressions are too funny. And I should mention that both kiddos were sick the end of last week and the weekend, so that’s why poor little Harper’s face is all red and chapped.IMG_2041 IMG_2042

My birthday started with Jeremy letting me sleep in for a while. I’m not very good at sleeping in anymore. I can’t usually make it past 8 o’clock unless I’m sick! After I woke up they gave me cards and my present which was a FitBit! I’m so excited about having one. Then it was off to our favorite donut shop and Starbucks for my free birthday coffee. Have you tried their new Vanilla Machiatto yet? It’s delicious!IMG_2044 IMG_2048

Then we went thrifting for a bit. I found some cute mugs and I bought myself Best In Show on DVD. It was only $2.99. Totally worth it. If you haven’t seen that movie. Watch it. Hilarious. The kids also found some pretty great books too. Thrifting is seriously my new favorite.IMG_2050 IMG_2054

We went to a very late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and of course I ordered dessert!IMG_2057 IMG_2064 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2074

Then it was home for birthday cake (we didn’t actually eat any because we were stuffed from dinner)! Jeremy always makes me the best birthday cake…Almond M&M’s!!IMG_2091


My night ended with the season finale of The Walking Dead. Ohhhhh, it was good!IMG_2097


We also spent some time outside in our backyard setting up the patio furniture and cleaning things up. It was a windy weekend, but the warm temps felt so good!

It was a truly great birthday and if it’s any indication of how my 34th year will go, I’m feeling pretty good about what’s ahead!!

See you tomorrow!


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