Weekend Favorites

We kept it very low-key around here this weekend. We were patiently  impatiently waiting for Sunday to roll around because the weather was supposed to be beautiful and it was! I had a baby shower on Saturday and got to catch up with some friends. It was really nice. We didn’t do much else. Just hung around the house. I did manage to get Jeremy to hang hooks on the back’s of the kids bedrooms doors, so that’s something.

We went out for coffee and to one thrift store on Sunday morning. I didn’t find anything cool, but we found a game, a puzzle (in perfect condition) and two books for the kids and it all ended up only costing $3. Pretty awesome. After that we went home to play outside and spent the rest of the day in the sun. The temp got up to 72 degrees. It felt so good!

I didn’t take very many photos this weekend, but here are a few favorites:

A nice quiet moment with my coffee and plants. I’m sure the quiet only lasted all of ten minutes, but it was lovely. Oh, and my donkey’s tail is doing great and even spreading in the pot! Hooray!photo (20)


Flip flops are always my favorite and yesterday was the first flip-flop day of the year! The kids love playing in water, so I made a make shift water box until we can get out the water table.photo (18)


I bought my favorite Easter candy yesterday. I love these little Nestle Crunch eggs. They’re just the right size. I’ll probably eat the whole package..photo (19)


It’s supposed to be sunny and warm again today. I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it! Have a great day!


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