Happening Now

Reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I’m not very far along yet (it’s a big one), but it’s already got me wanting more.

Running and planking.

Feeling uninspired.

Watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad and OMG is it good! Don’t tell me what happens. I’ve managed not to hear anything about how it ends.

Wishing I could force Spring to arrive. Seriously.

Planning a little party for my photography business.

Thinking about buying yet another new plant. Home Depot had the most amazing cactus that I regret not buying a couple of weeks ago.

Starting to make plans for Hudson 5th birthday party.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home.

Listening to The Big Deep, a local Omaha band. Pretty good.

Giving up any and all fast food for Lent. I don’t eat that much anyway, so it shouldn’t be hard…except maybe Chick-fil-A.

Focusing on my OLW, choose, and noticing a positive change in the choices I make.

Needing to get caught up on some past projects and thinking I’ll probably work on that this weekend.

Trying to keep the kids busy and happy while we’re stuck inside.

Going on a date with my cute hubby this weekend. Yay!

photo (22)


I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Stay warm!


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