All About Them: St. Patty’s Day Necklaces

I was looking through some really old scrapbooking supplies yesterday and came across some shamrock stickers and foam shamrocks. I thought maybe I could figure out a way to use them in a craft for the kiddos. Then it hit me; rainbow washi tape necklaces for St. Patrick’s Day.


Supply List

washi tape

Project Life grid card or white cardstock

clover stickers

3″ scallop punch

hole punch


double-sided tape

I cut my washi tape in half so it was thinner and then just placed it in rainbow order on some white cardstock. I made two rows of each color. Then I used my scallop punch and made sure to get as much of each rainbow color that I could when I punched it out. I used a roll of washi tape to trace two circles on a 3×4 Project Life grid card, cut it out with my scissors and then placed the shamrock in the center. After that I attached it to the center of the scallop with a piece of double-sided tape. To make it into a necklace, I punched two small holes at the top and laced a piece of white yarn through them.

I think they turned out so cute that I might make them for Hudson’s preschool class!



There are so many possibilities when making these. You could use all green washi tape, different shades of green, different shaped punches, etc. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll tell you about the other version I made.

Next I whipped up some super simple shamrock badges using  a piece of old scrapbook paper, cardstock and some foam shamrock stickers.

I punched out the scallop, added a green cardstock circle with a foam shamrock centered on top and then stapled them all together through the center. Even though the foam shamrocks are stickers, I liked the look of the staple for some reason. Then I used a hole punch for the top and put a safety-pin through it. I think these would be cute for older kids since I used a safety-pin or you could always make these into necklaces as well with some yarn.



These crafts were a fun way to use up some old supplies. I did notice that they have some of the glittery foam shamrocks at the Dollar Tree again this year. I’ll think I’ll head over there today to get another package so I can make them for the preschoolers.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “All About Them: St. Patty’s Day Necklaces

  1. I love the green polka dotted one. I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun to wear those on St. Patty’s Day! Which is sooner than seems right…

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