Project Life 2014-Intro Page

I wanted to do something different this year for my intro/cover page in my Project Life album. I’ve seen some awesome intros and was inspired. Since I loved my coin pocket page from my December Daily so much, I decided to do something similar for my PL.

But because I was adding a coin pocket page in the very front, I needed something neutral, something that wouldn’t take the focus off it. I designed a quick 12×12 page that could be cut to fit the standard pocket page. I’m seriously so stoked about how it turned out!

DSC_0524 DSC_0525 DSC_0527

I wanted a combination of see-through elements, embellishments, patterned paper and photos.

I used 3×4 cards from the Seafoam and Midnight editions which I cut down to 2×2 squares. I’m obsessed with that black and white cross paper. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it does look exactly like my DIYed curtains! Obsessed.


I even added my One Little Word, Choose, into a pocket.DSC_0531

I had a full sheet and some smaller pieces of that awesome star overlay left from my December Daily and just had to use it too.DSC_0536

And now for the back side and the enlarged 12×12 photo.

I kept it simple and used only the black and white cross paper. It looks a little funky because of the see-through pockets, but it works for me.DSC_0541


And I’m lurrrrving my giant ampersand! I love that it’s black and white and huge! I also love that if I want to add anything to it at some point I can. But, for the moment, I think it’s super awesome!DSC_0543DSC_0544DSC_0546

Then once you turn the page, it will be the first week of January’s spread.

I’m so excited to be starting another album with this new year. And this finished intro makes me even more excited.

Have a great weekend!


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