Collecting Plants

I’ve begun a plant collection. I love having plants in the house, but it seems that every time I try to start a collection, I end up killing all of them. Not this time…not to far at least.

My mom gave me a baby spider plant about a year ago. It was the start to my collection. I managed to keep it alive thriving which is pretty awesome.



Then we bought an awesome succulent at the Farmer’s Market this past summer and it’s doing great. I hardly ever water it, which is key. Now that I know how to keep succulents I really want to buy some more from the same guy this summer.





(That pink glow is some Valentine lights that are next to the plant.)

Then when my cousin died back in September, I asked if I could take home one of the plant bouquets that were sent to the church. I wanted to have those plants as a constant reminder of my cousin. The bouquet came with five plants. I still have four of them. I think I over-watered the fifth one, which still upsets me because it was my favorite one. However, having four surviving plants makes me very happy. Two of them are pretty big and doing great. Yay! I still need to pot the other two. I thought one of them was going to kick the bucket, but it seems to be growing new baby leaves, so I need to grab pots for them at Home Depot ASAP. 

DSC_0412 DSC_0416

I didn’t realize what I was missing out on by not having plants in my house before. It adds so much life and color, not to mention how they clean the air. I definitely plan to add to my collection. I would really like some hanging plants and need to make another terrarium. Our last one didn’t make it. Womp. Womp.

My only problem now is that I don’t have places to put the plants. I’m in serious need of some shelving, and as I mentioned, I also need spots to hang some.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already…


4 thoughts on “Collecting Plants

  1. Just stumbled here, and we have a lot of similar interests. I agree about plants, although I only have one in my house right now–a Christmas Cactus. It’s currently covered in bright pink blooms, so pretty! It brightens my mood every time I walk past it.

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