One Little Word-January

As January wraps up tomorrow I wanted to reflect on my word, choose, and how I lived with it this month.


First, I have to say that my word has been a great guide already. I notice it popping into my head often. Awesome.

As I mentioned in this post, my first goal was to put down my phone. I’m still working on it. It’s a very hard habit to break, and embarrassing to admit, but that’s what this is all about. It’s about being real and honest with yourself. And if I’m going to be real, I’m still catching myself grabbing my phone all too often. I have been more aware of my tendency to reach for it, so I’ve had opportunities to choose to put it down and focus on more important things. I just need to keep choosing until not reaching for my phone becomes the norm.

This month I also chose to become more active by running on a regular basis. I chose to get back into the habit and it’s feeling really amazing! I’ve been on the treadmill at least four times a week and I’m starting to feel the habit forming. I don’t always love putting on my running clothes and making the (very) short trek downstairs (pathetic I know), but I absolutely love the way I feel when I complete my run. I’ve discovered this time around that I’m more of a tv watching runner, meaning that I run better when I’m watching Netflix on my phone. I always thought I was a music runner. But I’ve been watching old Walking Dead episodes and I don’t know if it’s how strong all the characters are or what, but it’s working for me. It takes my mind off what I’m doing, but it also pumps me up when I need it and I’ve been breezing through my runs thus far. I’m using the 10k training app that I mentioned here and I’m on week 4. I chose to run a few of the days twice when I didn’t feel ready to advance. I’m choosing to listen to my body and not my mind that’s always screaming push harder even if I’m not ready.

January was good. Really good. My word is really shining so far. I’m very satisfied with my progress and I’m really excited about what the rest of 2014 has in store for me.


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