Happening Now

Waiting for Jeremy to get home so we can take the kids on an adventure.

Searching for a console table on Craigslist.

Finishing up lots of projects and loving the outcomes.

Loving this short film by Dove about young girls and body image.

Playing with the kids. I’m so glad I put down my phone and started focusing on being in the moment.

Wanting to go thrifting this weekend for some vintage coffee mugs.

Planning little Valentine activities and surprises for the kids. They make all the holidays so much more fun!

Getting super excited about seeing Justin Timberlake in two weeks!! Ahhhhhh!

Thinking about building some shelves like this in a small corner of our living room. We are severely lacking in shelving around here.

Focusing on my photography business more and more. This is the year.

Drinking more coffee than usual just to stay warm. This whole polar vortex deal is a real downer.

Loving a new coffee shop in town (Stories) after trying it on Tuesday. If I were young and single, it would be my Central Perk!

Taking Hudson on a mommy/son date this weekend.

Getting a lot done after being sick all last week.

Celebrating that it’s Friday!!!






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