Happening Now

Listening to Twin Forks.

Trying to love my coffee with vanilla almond milk instead of creamer.

Reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty.

Focusing on my One Little Word a lot.

Loving a new Nate Berkus basket I got at Target for 50% off.

Making quinoa this weekend for the first time ever. Baby steps to eating more healthy.

Planning to slowly redo our master bedroom. It’s in desperate need of a makeover.

Running again three times a week and it feels good.

Wishing for Spring. It’s been so cold here. Insert sad face.

Admiring a few couches in West Elm that I would love to buy…someday.

Watering my plants (often it seems) and wishing I had shelves so I could get some more.

Wondering what I can create using my husband’s new Dremel tool.

Appreciating the little quiet moments throughout the days.

Working on my cover page for this year’s Project Life album.

Searching for some new, inexpensive artwork for our living room.

Drawing an owl for our son’s room. He’s obsessed with owls.

Looking forward to a date with my husband tomorrow. We’re touring a brewery.

photo (2)

Have a great weekend!


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