13 Books in 2013-Book Eight

I’ve come to the end of the year, and although I didn’t complete 13 books in 2013, I did finish strong. The goal of the challenge was to get myself reading more again.

I used to read a lot, but it slowed down in college because I was already reading text books. Then I met a boy, fell in love and got married and as you can imagine, that consumed most of my free time. After that, we had a baby and then another baby and as every parent knows, that takes up all of your free time.

Now that my babies are getting bigger, I really wanted to stop watching so much mindless tv and read instead. I completed eight books this year and that’s about six more than I’ve finished in the past four years. I’ve read books here and there, but reading eight in a year was awesome! So for me it’s a victory! I read more and rediscovered my love for books. I plan on continuing my challenge in 2014.

I read Things We Set On Fire by Deborah Reed



It was a decent read. It was about tragedy and how it can either bring people together or push them apart, but how you can’t know until you’re in it.

The characters were very complex which lead to them having complex relationships with one another…obviously. However, I didn’t think the author had enough explanation as to why the characters were the way they were. She touched on it lightly, but there could have been more details. I was left a little confused.

I didn’t really connect with any of the characters though which always makes loving the book more difficult. I suppose there were bits and pieces of each character that I liked.

There was a part of the story that revolved around the relationship between the sisters where they didn’t really get along or like each other all that much, and I didn’t really understand why and I didn’t feel it was explained at all. It seemed awkward as a part of the story that left me with more questions than answers, which in my opinion didn’t enhance the story at all. But, I’m not a book critic. Not. Even. Close.

So, that’s that. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. I’m not sure if I would recommend it to my friends.

I’m hoping to really love my next book. So far nothing has compared to The Light Between Oceans, but I’m sure the new year will bring new books that totally change my mind!

If you have any book recommendations I would love to hear them! I’m always on the look out for great books.



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