Ten Projects-Project #3


I really wanted to add more see-through elements to my December Daily this year and knew I wanted to incorporate some shiny sequins.

So, for project #3 I decided to make my own sequins pockets to insert into my pocket pages throughout my album. They were simple and very inexpensive to make.

Oh my do I love how they turned out! I’m super pumped to use them!

I picked up three packages of sequins at JoAnn yesterday along with a package of clear sentiment stickers that were 40% off. I used some overlays that I already had and a chipboard letter D from a set from Target. I cut up an old 9 pocket page that was damaged in one spot and used those pockets. Hudson helped me add the sequins and then I sewed the tops closed.


I ended up using this one and updating the first page of my December Daily. It originally just had the D slipped into the pocket, but I added the gold sequins and four silver stars to represent the four members of our family. Then to keep the D in place, I stitched it across the center. Much better!IMG_9852

Here is how it looks now.IMG_9875IMG_9871


I’m planning to use this one as part of our holiday party spread. Love, love, love it! I think this one is my favorite.IMG_9855IMG_9857IMG_9863IMG_9869IMG_9873


I decided to start with five pocket inserts, but have a feeling that I’ll like the look so much once they’re in my album that I’ll end up making more.

This was a fun little project.

Now on to the next! I’m hoping to make a holiday wreath this weekend and finish up a project that was started last December.

Have a great weekend!

**If you have any questions about the supplies I used, please leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.**


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