Pumpkin Surprise Balls

Last weekend we traveled up to Sioux Falls to visit my parents for my dad’s 60th birthday. My sister and her family were going up too and I wanted to take a little Halloween treat for all the kiddos.

photo (21)

A while back, I came across a few ideas on Pinterest for surprise snowballs, which are little balls made of crate paper wrapped around small toys and goodies. (You wrap a toy at a time until they’re full and then tape the end.) I’ve wanted to make them since and decided to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

I went to Party City for the crate paper and goodies. I found some fun little things in the party favors section. The toys can’t be too big or it won’t work, so find small things like bouncy balls. I bought tiny cameras that are like mini view finders, orange Sixlets, tiny animal erasers, some of those poppers that you flip upside down and they pop up, and teeny tiny notebooks. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of everything, but I was trying to make them in secret while my oldest was distracted and my youngest was napping.

All the kids loved them and my kids are still playing with all the little goodies!

photo (21) photo (24) photo (23) photo (22)


photo (27) photo (25)


I drew the face on after they were wrapped and hot glued the pipe cleaner stem on. Done.


Just a fun and cheap Halloween treat for the kiddos!


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