Autumn In Omaha

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older and I didn’t pay attention when I was younger, but I have really been blown away by the all brilliant colors that have burst across Omaha this autumn! It’s gorgeous! I can’t get over all the yellows, red, oranges, purples and greens everywhere.

I am absolutely loving October this year!

IMG_9361 DSC_1108 IMG_9206 IMG_9318

I only wish it could last longer, but since it’s such a short season, I’m determined to enjoy every last bit of it.


Today the kids and I are making pine cone bird feeders to hang in the backyard and another Halloween craft and then I think I’ll bake another fall treat… maybe these or these. Both look delicious!

Have you been baking pumpkin or apple treats? Are you getting out and enjoying the fall weather and foliage? Any big plans for the weekend?

This weekend we are going to my dad’s 60th birthday dinner, taking fall family photos and carving pumpkins. I would love to squeeze in a late movie with the hubby. Has anyone seen Gravity yet?! I’m dying to see it!

See you tomorrow!



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