My Garden Wrap-Up

Now that my adventure in gardening is winding down this year, I thought I would look back on the things I did that worked and the things I plan to do the next time.


What Worked:

I think the basil grew really well and thrived in the pot we used, so if I were to use containers again next year, I would use the same pot.

What Didn’t Work (or what I would do differently next time):

We really love basil pesto, and two basil plants weren’t quite enough. Since I had never grown basil before, I wasn’t sure how much we would get from each plant. Although we did end up with four containers of frozen pesto to use this winter, I would really love to have more on hand. So, I plan to buy at least four basil plants next season.

IMG_8362 IMG_8876




What Worked:

I think watering my tomato plant with the hard-boiled egg water worked really well. I think it made all the difference with the tomato growth. One day I didn’t have any tomatoes growing and then I watered them with the egg water and a few days later I had tiny tomatoes!

What Didn’t Work (or what I would do differently next time):

The pot for my tomato plant was way too small. Not only did it hinder the growth of the tomatoes, but it was also too light and tipped over easily whenever it was even a little windy. I didn’t really have any idea just how big tomato plants grew. It was much taller than I had envisioned. If I don’t end up building a raised bed next year, I will be sure to buy much bigger pots.

I would like to be able to can salsa and maybe some tomato sauce next year, so I plan to plant at least two more tomato plants next season. And hopefully with bigger pots and more plants, I will end up with a ton of tomatoes.

I also plan to add egg shells to the soil before planting my tomatoes next year. I hear it’s a great way to add a ton of nutrients to the soil, which can only help the growth.

IMG_8923 IMG_8920


All in all, I was happy with my first go round with gardening. I was thrilled to see my basil thrive and produce a good amount. I am slightly disappointed with my tomato plant, but I feel I now know what to do in order to grow more tomatoes in the future. I must admit that it did feel great to come away from the season with at least one tiny red tomato after spending so much time fussing over the darn thing! Ha! I can only imagine how awesome it will be to too many tomatoes!

And although container gardening was fun and rewarding with very little effort, I would really like to have a small raised bed next year, but we’ll see how I feel about it in the spring.

See you tomorrow!



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