The Garden

Well, summer is winding down here in Nebraska and my garden seems to be too. I plan to harvest my basil this afternoon and I think it will be the final harvest. It’s definitely not growing as quickly now that the temps have cooled off at night.IMG_8725IMG_8726

As for my tomatoes, there are seven on the plant, but I’m not sure that any will actually ripen. We had a couple of week of pretty strong wind that kept blowing my pot over (even after I leaned it up against the table!) and it ended up damaging five of my bigger tomatoes. Whomp. Whomp. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to get at least one. If I got one, it would feel like quite the accomplishment considering I’ve never them before.IMG_8722IMG_8723IMG_8724


Happy Monday! I’m off to (hopefully) finish my big project!


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