Happening Now

Trying to figure out my new schedule now that Hudson’s in preschool. There’s a lot more driving and going in my daily routine which is proving to interfere with my blogging.

Working on two big projects to post about as soon as they’re finished.

Loving that the temps are feeling more like fall now.

Running and feeling good about it.

Reading my September/October issue of Midwest Living. Oh how I love that magazine.

Enjoying having some alone time with my little lady while Hudson is gone. It’s awesome getting in some girl time!

Watching the Gilmore Girls. How did I not watch this show when it was on TV?! It’s so good! Yay for Netflix!

Needing a massage. My lower back has been very sensitive lately and it’s really hurting today.    

Obsessing over Dunkin Donuts pumpkin donut thanks to my friend, Melissa. I’m pretty sure I could eat one every day. But I won’t. 

Planning our trip to Minneapolis and getting excited for a visit to IKEA. Is that weird?! Don’t answer that.

Painting the living room this weekend. Oh. Man.

Wearing a sweatshirt this morning. It’s cozy.

Getting ready for an afternoon trip to the zoo.

Hoping that at least one of my tomatoes will turn red before the plant dies. Just one. Is that too much to ask for? 

Opening the windows and letting in all that crisp fresh air.

Happy Friday Everyone!



Oh, and GO BIG RED!!!!!!!




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