Project Life-Weeks Seventeen and Eighteen

As I mentioned last week, I did a lot of Project Life catch up last week and am feeling pretty good about my progress. I’m still a little behind, but I’m getting there!

Week Seventeen

This was Hudson’s birthday week so there is a lot going on.


Here I used my a piece of scrapbook paper cut to 4×6 and added a Project Life Midnight Edition digital card on top and then added the glitter letter stickers to spell his name.DSC_0005

To document his actual birthday, I used a 6×12 insert and sewed the 4×6 pockets once I had the photos inserted. There are photos in both the front and back sides.DSC_0006

I stapled a glittered star to this photo. I bought them on a while back and can’t remember what store. Sorry.DSC_0007

Here is what the back side looks like.DSC_0008

Behind the 6×12 insert I added a Design D insert to document his birthday party.  I cut off the outer row of 6×4 pockets.DSC_0009


Here is what the back looks like.   DSC_0011

For the back page of the spread I added his invitation and a few photos from the rest of the weekend.DSC_0013

I put this photo collage together in Photoshop so that I could include more from that outing that I didn’t have the space for if I had added the full photos. That’s a great trick if you run out of space and can shrink your photos into a collage.DSC_0014

Week Eighteen

Not much to report this week. We were home and just hanging out. The kids did get to celebrate their first May Day. I had never done it before because I was waiting until they got a little older. All I did was make them little May baskets with popcorn and M&M’s. I even had to make sure Harper’s popcorn didn’t have any kernal shells because kids aren’t really supposed to have it until they’re four. She didn’t like it anyway and I ended up eating it for her! Exciting stuff. I know.


It snowed AGAIN this week, so I took a photo and added some text to it in Photoshop.DSC_0017

Here is took one of the 3×4 journaling cards and added a little extra text making it say “this never happen”. Simple.DSC_0019


Catching up feels good! I’m in the process of working on my projects, so I’ll be back tomorrow with some of that!

And as always, if you would like to know more about what products I used, please leave a comment.


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