Happening Now

Listening to John Mayer’s new album, Paradise Valley, and loving it.

Looking forward to the start of Nebraska football and attending the first game with one of my BFFs, Rachael. Go Big Red!

Reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall

Watching So You Think You Can Dance. Damn that show is good. I mean, come on.

Planning a fall crafting night party for all my girls. This is something I’ve been wanting to do forever.

Hoping to see an old friend when she is here for a visit next week. Love reconnecting with good friends and reliving all those great memories. It’s magic.

Feeling a sense of peace lately that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Needing to do some chores around the house, but finding myself totally uninterested.

Planning lots and lots of projects, big and small, that I would love to accomplish before Winter rolls around.

Craving donuts with maple frosting.

Trying to hold out until September 1st before I light my pumpkin candles. It’s so hard!

Getting excited for Hudson’s first soccer game of the season. Little kids playing sports is so cute.

Putting together a garden journal. Finally.

Celebrating that it’s the weekend!

Cheers!! I hope you have a great one!




2 thoughts on “Happening Now

  1. Loved reading this!!!! Good things are coming your way my friend…miss you and cant wait to see you next week! Good luck to Hudson on his 1st soccer game!

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