10 Projects

Now that September and the start of Fall are just around the corner, I’m in full season and holiday project mode. I have about a million project ideas pinned on Pinterest that I would like make and I can’t wait to get started. However, it seems that every year I have a ton of plans and I never seem to follow through with many of them, if any at all, so this year I figured the best way to get my creativity in gear would be to set a goal.

My challenge beginning on September 1st, is to create ten craft or diy projects before Christmas.

Why ten projects you ask? Well, I think ten is an amount I can accomplish without feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t want to pick a number that felt impossible to finish (goodness knows I have enough ideas swirling around in my head to keep me crafting until I’m 60, but I wanted to be realistic). Five projects felt like too few and fifteen projects felt like too many, but if I make more than ten, great.

Not all the projects will be season or holiday themed either. I have a few easy home decor projects that I’d like to make too.

I’m so excited to start my little challenge. I love to set goals for myself to keep me on track. Everyone already knows I love a good list and being able to see my progress by crossing things off of it.

The fun is about to begin and I need to get going on some prep work!

Here is just one project that I’m thinking about.


image source

Happy Monday!


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