Summer Family Fun List: Progress Report

We’ve been doing a really good job of crossing activities off our list lately. The past couple of weekends we were able to cross a bunch off and had lots of fun with the kids. They get excited about the simplest things, and we get excited about them getting excited! It’s hard to believe how fast this summer has gone by. And although I’m looking forward to autumn’s arrival (I always get ready for the change of seasons), I can’t help but feel as though summer slipped away all to quickly. Doesn’t it always though? 

Here is another look at how our fun list is progressing. With Hudson starting preschool in four weeks, we still have time to knock out a few more, then it will be on to our Fall list. Yes. I’m obsessed with lists. 

photo (6)


My favorites so far would definitely have to be the water blob, nature hikes and having a real tea party. All of them have been fun though. How could they not be when we get to hang out with our awesome kiddos!

It’s fun to look at the list and see how many things we’ve done this summer so far and see some of the fun things that we still get to do. I’m thinking that we’ll probably get to at least five more of these before school starts. Here’s hoping anyway.

Summer is the best!

I hope you’re having a good start to your week! See you tomorrow.


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