Why I Blog

I started my first blog four years ago just before our son was born with the hopes that it would help keep the family constantly updated on our little family. After writing and posting tons of photos of our little guy the first year, I started to get bored and wanted to include some content about my other adventures, and so my second blog, Home Inspired Bliss was born.

I was never crazy about the name of the blog. It was just something that popped into my head while I was setting it up and I guess it stuck. Blah. But I did have a lot of fun with that blog and it started to grow after a few months of posting projects. Then I got pregnant with our daughter and I was extremely sick the first 16 weeks and I still had to take care of our two-year-old. I pretty much stopped blogging completely. But once my daughter was born and we got on a schedule, I really started to miss it. I love the blogging world. I find so much inspiration from fellow bloggers. I decided to get back to it.

This time though I wanted to add more posts about my true passions; photography and scrapbooking, with some crafting and other things thrown in the mix. I didn’t feel like those topics fit into Home Inspired Bliss (which was mostly craft based), so I wanted to create a new space with the hopes that my current readers would follow. I tried to keep my blog on Blogger so that my readers could be transferred to my new blog, but it wasn’t working, and I got frustrated. I ended up deciding that my best move would be to switch my blog to WordPress and change the name of the blog. In the end it made the most sense to name it after me since it would be my place to share all the things I love.

None of my readers followed, which was discouraging. I loved being able to connect with people all over the world and it seemed as though that wouldn’t happen with my new blog. But I stuck it out and kept posting and am so happy that some people have stopped by and liked what they’ve read and decided to keep reading. It inspires me to keep posting. I would love to keep my little space growing and to keep inspiring more readers to come back again.

Blogging and being able to share new ideas has evolved into a new passion and I plan to keep doing it as long as I love it.So, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for stopping by and come back again any time!

Have a great weekend! The weather is supposed to be pretty nice here, so I plan to get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

2013-07-21 15.13.07

**I took this photo while driving back from South Dakota a couple of weeks ago. It was so tall! I couldn’t stop staring at it. I was totally hypnotized by it.**


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