Hello August.

I’m so happy to be flipping the calendar to a new month! Not that July was bad, but for some reason I’m excited for something new. This month I’m hoping to cross a few more things off of my personal summer manifesto, as well as our summer family fun list. We were on a roll for a while, but then life started to get in the way and we were busy doing other things.

I really haven’t been making enough “me” time this summer, but hope to steal a few more moments this month. Here is my list so far.

My Personal Summer Manifesto

Grow tomatoes and basil (I’m growing the tomato plant even though there aren’t any actual tomatoes on it yet.)

Throw a sweet little confetti party for my beautiful baby girl

Drink wine on a patio (I plan on doing this soon. Very soon.)

Eat as many meals outside as possible (We’ve eaten outside a lot and we’re not done yet!)

Add plants to the house (One)

Get a pedicure

Date nights with the hubby (Our anniversary is this month, so this will definitely happen again)

Read (I’m pretty sure I picked the wrong book to read after finishing Defending Jacob, but I have read magazines! Ha!)

Dinner at Plank (a new restaurant in town)

Perfect homemade pizza ( I need to find a good dough recipe that doesn’t require a stand mixer because I don’t have one.)

Take photos

Minneapolis trip (This one probably won’t happen until the Fall.)

Happy hour with friends

Sew a quilt in time for Fall (I may end up sewing quilted Christmas pillow cases for the kids. I was actually supposed to make them last year and that didn’t happen. Whomp. Whomp.)

Nights by the fire (We’ve had a couple, but I think more are in order.)


I’m sure that not all of these will be crossed off before the end of summer, but that’s okay. Anything I don’t do this summer can be rolled onto my Fall list!

See you tomorrow!



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