Kitchen Counter Makeover

Last week I mentioned how I had a ton of projects to tackle and I was planning on taking some time this past weekend to get some of them done? Well, I crossed a big one off of our to-do list. I painted our kitchen counters!

I took some better photos with my big camera of the before, but finished too late to take any good after photos, so I thought I would just share with you a little Before & After comparison taken with my iPhone.


I took this photo without the kitchen light on, so in the next shot the cabinets look a lot more yellow than they do here.

The counters were original from the 1960’s. This photo doesn’t do them justice as far as how ugly they were and how bad of shape they were in. Trust me. UGLY.

2013-07-28 14.08.32


It’s definitely a vast improvement, but the gray of the cabinets doesn’t look as fantastic with the gray of the counters like I hoped. We ended up picking the darkest gray that they had, but it didn’t turn out as dark as I hoped either.  It was really hard to match colors because we couldn’t get a sample of the counter paint before hand. However, anything was an improvement over what we had.

2013-07-28 17.14.42

We used Rustoleum countertop paint and it wasn’t the greatest to work with. For starters, it smells really, really bad. I mean I had to wear a mask and it was still overwhelming. We had every door and window open. Thank goodness it was such a beautiful day. Oh, and don’t worry, the kids were playing outside or down in the basement all day. No way, I would let them inhale those fumes!

I cleaned the counters just like they suggest and used a foam rollers as recommended, but you can still see rollers lines and there are a significant amount of tiny air bubbles. You can’t see either unless the sun is shining directly on the counters, so that’s good, but I wish the application was a little better.

It only took a couple of hours to apply and then Rustoleum suggests waiting 72 hours before using the counters. So that means our kitchen table is a huge mess for the next couple days. And I’m a neat freak so it’s killing me.

The cost for the paint was only $20, so even if we decide we want something else down the road, it’s not a big loss, and I think it was totally worth trying.

So, that’s just one project checked off my giant, never-ending to-do list. Now I’m off to edit photos from a weekend session.

See you tomorrow!


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