Happening Now

Reading Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos and having a very hard time getting into it.

Finishing up a bunch of photo projects i.e. Project Life, our family yearbook and even December Daily from this past Christmas.

Taking time to relax as often as possible.

Spending lots of time with family.

Crossing activities off of our Summer Family Fun List.

Focusing on getting my photography business up and running. Work, work, work.

Trying to decide what show to watch now that we’ve finished The Killing. Suggestions?!

Going back and redoing my One Little Word class because my word wasn’t really working for me, and another seemed to keep showing up.

Looking forward to a calm, relaxing weekend at home doing all my favorite summer activities.

Feeling ready for Fall…I can’t believe I just said that. I love summer. What’s wrong with me?!

Planning a trip to Nashville over Labor Day for a friend’s wedding. Can’t wait!

Listening to The Avett Brothers. Yes.

Loving our weather lately. It’s been in the 80’s with cooler temps at night. That never happens in July!

Working on tackling small unfinished projects around the house before Fall arrives. The list is never-ending.

2013-07-14 10.03.08-1


This has been a crazy week with the kids. Sorry I missed a couple of days here on the blog! My days just don’t feel complete unless I post.



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