Summer Family Fun List: Progress Report

We’ve slowly but surely been crossing activities off our fun list. Some of the activities are simple and some are more extravagant, but they’re all fun. The kids love all of it no matter if it takes just five minutes or it’s an activity that involves hours, and that’s the most important thing. Jeremy and I always end up loving it all too. We crossed off a big one this past weekend (it was awesome!) and I’ll be sharing more on that tomorrow, but today I thought it would be fun to share a progress report of sorts. I love lists (I think I’ve mentioned that before) because they keep me accountable and help me visualize the things I want to do. Plus crossing things off of lists is the best!

Here is what we’ve crossed off so far, minus a couple that we crossed off this past weekend.



Not bad! We’re making good progress, but still have quite a few things to tackle. And there are a couple that I don’t think we’ll get done this summer like taking a summer vacation (unless it’s a weekend trip) or strawberry picking (due to the fact that the season is over), but when that happens, I like to substitute those activities with different ones. For example, strawberry season was later than usual this year because of the cold spring, so we ended up being too busy to go the weekend that it opened and if you don’t go the first weekend, chances are that you won’t get the best berries. So, instead of strawberry picking this year, I read about a lavender farm over in Iowa that sounds really cool (who knew there were lavender farms anyway?!). We’re planning to visit the farm this coming weekend. So even though we didn’t get to go strawberry picking, we get to experience something new instead, and I think that’s even better!

Today’s lesson: Don’t get discouraged if you miss some of your activities. There are so many things to do and see in every city that you can easily substitute. And the most important thing is that you’re having fun as a family and getting out to enjoy all that summer has to offer!

I hope everyone had a great holiday & weekend! Happy Monday!


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