A Little About Us

I realized that I’ve never done a post about our little family, so I decided to put one together to share with you.

Since you already know some about me, today I’ll be filling you in on the other three members of my family.

First, my husband, Jeremy.


(photo by Danny Bligh)

We’ve been married for almost six years. He’s the best of the best! He’s a great husband and an even better dad. He loves adventures, big and small. He makes an insanely good Gouda burger, seriously. He’s loves being outdoors. He will play anything the kids want him to play. He’s super funny and I’m pretty sure he is THE nicest person I’ve ever met. Yeah, you could say I like him a little. I can’t say enough about him. Oh, and he’s handsome! How could I forget that?!

Then there’s my 4-year-old son, Hudson.

DSC_0185 copy

He is so cute! This little guy is hilarious. He’s full of energy…all the time. Even when I wish he wasn’t! Ha! He loves to cuddle, but has recently turned into a total boy. He never stops talking, making noise or moving (running, climbing, jumping, you name it, he’s doing it)! He’s incredibly smart and is obsessed with animals. He loves to read too. He’ll be attending preschool in the Fall and I know he’s going to love it.

Last, but not least, my 2-year-old daughter, Harper.


She is our adorable little lady. She is a total mama’s girl right now and I’m loving every second of it! She is very girly. She likes picking out her clothes, playing with babies and has a new love for Lalaloopsy and Doc McStuffins. She loves to dance and talks about being a ballerina. She’s really calm most of the time, but now that she’s two (her birthday was last week), she has certainly been showing her opinionated side. The tantrums are beginning! Ha!

There you have it! Our little family in a nutshell. Jeremy and I are so thrilled that we have a boy and a girl and love that we get to experience the different relationships that we have with each of them. They are so awesome and bring us so much joy! We’re very blessed.

We still haven’t decided if our family is totally complete yet. We’re leaving it open for now, but no current plans to add another member. Wait and see!


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