Summer Family Fun List

Every summer I create a summer fun list for our family. We don’t end up crossing everything off the list, but it’s a great way to remember all the fun things we always talk about doing once the weather warms up. We try to include activities that everyone will enjoy. It’s a lot of fun!

Last year we did end up crossing off most of our activities and had a ton of fun doing it, not to mention all the great memories we made. It’s a good way to spend some quality time together.

So I thought I would share our Summer Family Fun List with you today, and if anyone is interested in printing out a copy, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to share it!

I also try to figure out a fun way to document all our activities to add it to our Project Life. Last year I used a coin pocket page and printed 2×2 Instagrams of all our activities. I’m not sure what I’ll do this year, which reminds me, I have been catching up on PL and need to take some photos to share.

Anyway, here is our list:




We have plans to cross a few activities off of the list this weekend! I’m so excited!

I so love summer!


One thought on “Summer Family Fun List

  1. Please send me copy of this awesome summer list! It would help us greatly! So so clever and fun and a promoter of together time!

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