Growing A Little Garden

I mentioned earlier that I planned to grow a tiny garden this summer. This is my first time ever growing anything edible. We grew carving pumpkins a couple of years ago and I was obsessed with them. I loved it, and would love to grow them again sometime.

This year I decided to grow some tomatoes and basil, but am also thinking about adding another herb; whatever my husband chooses. He loves cilantro and I…don’t, but I told him he should grow some anyway.

I picked up a Bush tomato plant at Home Depot. I chose this particular variety because it said that it’s good for container gardening, which is what I’m starting out doing. I think I’ll pick up another variety at the farmer’s market this weekend. One tomato plant just doesn’t seem like enough. I want a lot of tomatoes. I would love to make salsa and maybe even can some tomato sauce at some point.

I also bought two basil plants at the farmer’s market this past weekend. I’m so excited! We love pesto. And I think we’ll get Jeremy a cilantro plant this weekend. I haven’t bought a container to plant them it yet, so I need to get on that asap.

I’ve been reading some on how to harvest basil, because I’ve never harvested anything before. I can already tell that the first harvest will be totally thrilling. I’ve never been so excited to eat anything the way I’m excited to eat my own tomatoes and basil. Is that weird?!

I’m only just beginning my adventure in gardening, yet I’m already mentally planning for the raised beds that I want to build next summer. But, first things first, I need to see how I do with these little containers.

We love the farmer’s market. We try to go as often as possible as soon as the season starts. We also love eating locally and man does the fresh food taste so much better than store-bought!

photo3 photo1 photo2

I bought myself one of these succulents. I’m trying to slowly add more green to our house.


And here is my tomato plant. Question: Do I have it in a big enough pot? Remember, this is my first time, so I’m full of question and open to suggestions.


And this one shows my cute little basil plants. I can’t wait to get them in their containers so they can grow, grow, grow.


**I realize these photos aren’t the greatest, but I snapped them in the midst of all my excitement! I promise to take better photos of my little garden in the future.**

I’ll be keeping a little gardening journal both here on the blog and I’m planning to create a little notebook. Hopefully, that will help me keep track of all that I learn and will be beneficial in planting future gardens.

So, I’ll be adding garden posts documenting my experiences about once a month or so, so if that’s not your thing, I guess you can skip over it!

Here’s to hoping I can develop a green thumb!


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