Five Things

I finally got a new phone this weekend. I say finally because my iPhone 4 has had a broken screen for almost 2 years. The only reason it didn’t completely fall apart was because I had a screen cover on it that held the glass in place making it so that it still functioned properly. And since it still worked, I had a hard time parting with the $200 to buy a new one. Well, I’ve been due for an upgrade for a couple of months, so my Mother’s Day gift was an iPhone 5. Yep, I love it already. In honor of my new, non-broken phone, I thought I would share my five favorite apps of the moment.

1. Instagram-This one is pretty obvious.

2. PicTapGo-I’m really loving this app and it’s editing options. It’s fun and easy.

3. ABeautifulMess-This one is super fun for adding text, doodles and borders to pictures.

4. Wunderlist-This recently became my new way of keeping everyday lists that I can cross off as I go. I love crossing things off lists. It makes me feel like I actually accomplish things during the day.

5. 10k Runner-I use this app every time I run. I like that there is an end goal, which is being able to run a 10k.

So, there you have it. The five apps that I use the most often right now. Smart phones are awesome, aren’t they?!

Is anyone else tired today?  Oh, Monday. You always come too soon.


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