Five Things

1. I’m getting close to being caught up on my Project Life after getting way behind due to running out of photo paper and just being too lazy or too busy to go buy more. But I remembered that I had a bunch of 8.5×11 sized sheets, so I’ve been using that.

**Note to self: Must go buy 4×6 photo paper ASAP**

2.  I’ve been coming across a ton of diy projects on Pinterest that I’m dying to try like this and this. Now all I need to do it buy the supplies and find some kid-free time to work on them. That’s much more difficult than it sounds.

3.  I haven’t had soda for 80 days. I gave it up for Lent. Not because I’m Catholic, but because I wanted an excuse to do it and see how long I could go. I’m happy to say that I don’t miss it at all. But I didn’t drink much of it before anyway. Now my plan is to start cutting more things from my diet that are bad for me one at a time. I love knowing that I have the willpower to do it!

4.  What the h*** is going on with this weather?! I mean seriously. It’s May 1st and the temperature is feeling much more like February 1st. Why? Why? Every time I think I can start planting a garden and flowers, the weather changes and I have to put if off for another week.

5.  I need a vacation.

Because I can’t afford a vacation at the moment, I’ll just post a photo taken by my husband on our trip to Big Sur last year.




Happy May everyone!


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