Happening Now

Reading Dinner: A Love Story. I’m almost done with this book and have loved everything about it!

Hating this horrible weather. We haven’t seen sun all week here. I’m so over it.

Loving a new magazine that was sent to me called Modern Farmer. No idea why I got it, but it’s awesome.

Putting off cleaning so far this morning…

Running, running, running

Planning to convert all of my beauty products to organic. My skin hasn’t been the same since having Harper…it’s awful. But it’s expensive, so I’ll switch one at a time.

Drinking lots of ice tea.

Making some artwork for our walls.

Finishing up our 2012 Family Yearbook on MyPublisher so I can get it ordered while they’re having their free pages sale.

Wanting some new clothes for Spring.


Feeling tired and uninspired. I blame the weather.

Craving some sunshine and fresh air. Hopefully this weekend!

Enjoying the fact that things are starting to turn green and grow.

I hope the weather is better where you are!

Have a fantastic weekend. Next week I’ll be posting some of the little projects I’ve been trying to tackle around here.



(my day lilies)





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