Spring Has Arrived!

FINALLY! It’s starting to feel like Spring around here! I’m so happy and even somewhat relieved, because now the kids can be outside and not going bananas in the house. We were all suffering from intense cabin fever. That’s actually why I haven’t been posting as much this past week. Oh, and because it was my birthday and Easter so we had a lot going on.

The kids and I have been outside every day this week and it’s supposed to be even warmer the next few days. So far, we’ve just been playing in the backyard, running around and playing in the sandbox. I have a big tub of pool/outside toys that I take out with us every day. But I can already tell that if I don’t come up with some activities, the kids will soon be bored with just being outside.

So, yesterday as I was browsing Pinterest for ideas, I came across a blog called Playful Learning. It’s awesome! I only had a chance to look through a few posts, but can already tell that this will be a great resource for me this summer and into the fall and winter.


It’s full of beautiful photos and tons of family activities built around learning.

Book-of-notes details

Images found here

There is also a section on Well Being for kids that includes activities such as yoga and stress management. Love that!

I was just so excited to come across this blog that I had to share it with you!

I totally recommend checking it out!!

Enjoy your day! Get outside and breathe in the fresh air.


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