Project Life-Weeks Eight, Nine & Ten

As promised, because I’m sure you could hardly stand the suspense, I’m back with weeks eight, nine and ten of Project Life.

Here we go…

Week Eight

Our weeks have seemed pretty uneventful lately. I think we’re all in a funk over the weather. I mean, come on already Mother Nature, this girl needs some sunshine and green grass! Not to mention that the kiddos are going bananas being cooped up in the house for so long. Where are you Spring??!!


I really like the half snow half soup photo and like the text added to it. The font is Bebas.DSC_0177


Here I wanted to be able to add more photos of us building our terrarium, so I made a small collage using Photoshop and bits of photos of all of us. I really like the look.DSC_0181

I love writing directly on photos. I’ve tried to incorporate more of that in this album than previous albums. I get nervous doing it though because I worry that I’ll screw up. And I’m not very fond of my handwriting, but whatever.DSC_0182

Week Nine

I used my usual Seafoam kit and some Ali Edwards digital elements this week. Nothing really special.


I like adding photos of the new recipes I make so that I can go back later when I’m having a hard time figuring out what to make. I’m also slowly building up our favorite recipes in order to put together our own family cookbook someday. I only document the ones we like.DSC_0186


I love adding photos of everyday rituals; things that aren’t really “important”, but they are. You know what I mean? I want to remember that we loved going to Starbucks every Saturday morning and then for a drive with the kids. It won’t last forever, but it’s part of our weekends now and I love that.DSC_0189


Week Ten


Instead of using a tag to journal on this picture below, I did it using Photoshop. I don’t do this a lot because it feels too time consuming. I don’t mind adding a small amount of text to my photos, but I get bored doing the journaling this way.DSC_0195


I like to add in small papers to remember certain things, so I added my ticket stub from the movies.DSC_0199

So, that does it! I’m all caught up. I’ll be finishing last week today and I’ll post it this weekend.

Ahhh, so glad that’s done!


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