Happening Now

Cleaning out spaces that go untouched for way too long

Bracing for the snow storm that’s supposed to hit on Thursday

Trying to finish reading my book so I can move on to the next

Breathing deeply and focusing on being “open” in the coming months

Editing lots of photos to get lots of practice

Hoping to buy my new iPhone 5 soon

Dreaming about warmer weather; I’m so over winter

Looking forward to all of Spring’s new possiblities

Focusing more attention on my blog than ever before

Planning birthday celebrations…a bit early, but who cares!

Scheduling coffee dates to catch up with friends

Continuing to cook comfort food until it’s warm enough to grill

Watching new episodes of The Walking Dead

Playing cars and babies every. single. day.

Searching for new diy and craft projects to keep me busy

Loving movie nights, curled up under a blanket, drinking red wine




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