Project Life-Weeks Three & Four

I’m back to share my Project Life weeks three and four. As I get further into the project, I tend to like my page designs more and more. I slowly start to get into the swing of things again and really find my style.

Week Three
I blurred out the photo of Harper on the potty. I try to be careful about what I share on the internet since I know it will be there forever.

All of the sqaure photos are from my Instagram feed and then I printed them on 4×6 photo paper. Sometimes I cut them down to 4×4 to attach them to patterned card stock and other times I leave them and add embellishments like washi tape.

I try to photograph some of the everyday things around our house to include them into the album like this photo of Harper’s favorite baby doll.

The “heart this” photo overlay is from Ali Edwards and is available at Designer Digitals.

Week Four



I included a photo I took of the tv during the Inauguration. Love adding current events.

This was Harper’s first time finger painting, so I trimmed down one of her paintings to 4×6 to include that in the week.

Here I took a 4×6 photo and cut it in half and placed it in two of the 3×4 slots. I love this look and do it often. It’s especially great when you don’t have many photos for the week and need to take up some space.

As always, if you have any questions about Project Life or any of the other products used in these spreads, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.



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